The J.M. Long Foundation is a non-operating, privatefoundation as defined in section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.The Foundation is focused on providing support toorganizations involved with health care, education and conservation in the communities of Northern California and Hawaii. Preference will be given for new, innovative projects, which will be completed with our contribution.

Please note that grants will not be made: 1) for the support of solely religious, sacramental or theological functions; 2) in support of political bodies or campaigns; 3) to individuals or foreign organizations; 4) for loans; 5)for purposes of memorializing an individual, although donations may be made to memorial funds as a means of achieving other purposes; 6) for covering operating deficits; 7) to organizations not qualifying as either a federal tax-exempt non-profit private organization or a qualifying public organization; 8) to supporting organizations with a 509(a)(3) designation.

For new grants, the Foundation has the following guidelines effective January 2010:

Invitation Process

1. Applications for new grant requests are given by invitation only. The Foundation accepts requests for invitations only during an 'open period'. Please check to confirm when an open period is in effect.

2. There are two ways to submit a request for invitation; by online form, which the Foundation prefers, or by a hardcopy letter. Please do not use both methods.

To submit a request using our online form, use the link that will be included on this page during an 'open period.'

To submit a request by hardcopy letter, please compose a single page 'Request for Invitation' letter using your organization's letterhead. This 'Request for Invitation' lettermust describe your organization's objective and the specific project or program for which the grant would be used. Please be sure to include your tax identification number, an estimated amount for the grant and yourcontact information including Name, Address, Phone and Email.  If your organization has a website, please provide this information as well. Sendthe 'Request for Invitation' letter via US mail to:

Request for Invitation
The J.M. Long Foundation
P.O. Box 3827
Walnut Creek, CA 94598-3400

(The Foundation will not accept 'Request for Invitation' letters sent via email or fax.)

3. Updates regarding the Foundation's status for accepting Requests for Invitations will be posted on the Foundationwebsite:

4. If your organization has submitteda Request for Invitation to theFoundation, but has not been contacted by the Foundation, this is an indication thateither the Foundation is not extending invitations or does not have an interest in supporting your organization'sproject.

5. Should your organizationwish to submit another request for a different project, please refrain from doing so until the next calendar year.

Application Process for Invited Organizations

1.If the Foundation decides to invite your organization to submit a grant request,the Foundationwill send your organizationan application packet along with a specific deadline to submit your completed application.

2.The Foundation will only accept applications for grants using the current year application form.

3. To complete an application, your organization will need to provide all of thefollowing items, submitted to the Foundation as one complete package:

- Completed, current year application form
- Documented evidence of your organization being a private, non-profit, federal tax-exempt organization or aqualifyingpublicentity (e.g., 501[c] or 170[b], etc.), i.e. 501c3 Tax Determination Letter
- Anticipated budget and timeline for the project

- Current, unaudited Income Statement & Balance Sheet

4. Do not send as part of the package, but you may be asked at a later date to provide the following:

- Audited Financial Statements for the most recent 3 years
- IRS Form990 for themost recent 3 years
- Annual Reports for the most recent3 years

Please send your organization's completed application package to the Foundation no later than the deadline. Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed to ensure it is complete for the Board of Trustee’s review and possible approval at their next meeting. If your application package is incomplete, your organizationwill be notified as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can expect to be notified before the end ofDecember as to whether or not your grant request was approved.

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